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Greetings, to all you nature lovers out there

It’s obvious that winter has arrived here in Wisconsin, don’t let the recent weather forecast fool you. In most years when the third or forth week of November rolls around it feels like winter in these parts, like it or hate it. I for one don’t hate it, like many wisconsinites I truly appreciate the changing of the seasons. Just the other day after snow fall we got here in Kenosha County, I went outside in the morning and was really taken at how lovely the snow looked on everything. When you live here year round you have to appreciate things like that, or risk becoming a complete grouch. I also make it a point to look forward to doing things that I enjoy. One of those things is watching my bird feeders and participating in Project FeederWatch, a bird count or censuses of sorts that lasts all winter. Project FeederWatch is put on by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and has gone on for years, benefiting bird science and conservation. If you currently feed wild birds or you are interested in doing so, then I would recommend checking out there websites: allaboutbirds or projectfeederwatch.

If your not into birds I understand. But I am curious about what you may be interested in this time of year especially if it has to do with nature.

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